CUSCO - Dream Catcher
Michael Holm & Kristian Schultze
BSC Music - 1997 - Apurimac III: Nature, Spirit And Pride
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Bison is a genus of mammals of the family Bovidae , which is now reduced to two species : bison or American buffalo (Bison bison) , preferably living on the Great Plains of the United States, Canada and Mexico where he recently wildlife found by chance, and the endangered European bison (Bison bonasus ) , preferably living in forests and which has now been reduced to a few small protected areas in Eastern Europe. The Bison of features provide advantages for survival, as when being surrounded by snow uses his massive head to separate and to find the grass. It is also one of the few animals, if not the only , which supports the storms rather than flee. the Yellowstone National Park is famous for its diverse wildlife, despite having multiple ecosystems, subalpine forest is dominant, and is predominant the Bison in Yellowstone.

Mountainous, overwhelmed, indecipherable,
stocky, slow walk by the vague
solitude of his tireless moor.
The armed forehead lifts. in this
Sleeping old bull anger,
I see the red men of the West
and the lost men of Altamira.
Spectral whose mirror is memory.
Weather does not touch nor history
of its course, as variable and vain.
Timeless, innumerable, zero,
Bison is the first and latter end.

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