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A lot of people shy away from a heart healthy diet because they feel it will be difficult to follow or limit their ability to dine out. However, Owner and Chef of the Savory Grille in Macungie Shawn Doyle says that maintaining a heart healthy diet doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s something he routinely keeps in mind when he prepares his menu.
“A lot of the dishes we serve here at the Savory Grille are heart friendly,” says Shawn Doyle. “I substitute oils for butter and use spices instead of salt. It doesn’t sacrifice the flavor at all.”
Doyle also says that he emphasizes portion control by balancing the amount of protein he serves with plenty of vegetables and leafy greens. “You aren’t supposed to sit down and eat a 20 ounce steak. The regular serving size is actually closer to three ounces so I try to keep that in mind,” claims Doyle.

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