Evening length feminist performance on women olympians. Olympic Films from the German Olympics (1936) and the Olympics in Japan (1962) illustrated the changing behavior of emerging women athletes. The dancer as athlete is the essence of "Turf" - the raw physical movements of Olympian athletes, their gestures of nervous preparation and intense concentration, their passion and power as seen on Olympic films - 1936 Olympic footage from Nazi Germany and 1960 Olympic footage from Japan. Turf was part of my feminist works. This was about the changing view of women by both women and men. By 1960 there was a changing attitude toward female athletes. In 1936 the women were treated like their physical strength was being taken for sports against their need for strength to give birth to children. In 1936 the women were coddled. The independence of woman was so much clearer in 1960 and in the Olympics in 2014 women were allowed to compete in the high risk skiing events, finally.

Unfortunately the film was not recorded well during the performance or rehearsals.
There is no rehearsal or performance that shows the amazing 16mm film footage of female athletes in the 1936 and 1960 Olympics. The sound score includes the text but the projector could not overcome the lighting on stage. Music created and performed live on cello by Rogelio Maxwell, DC visual and music artist.

Choreography, Maida Withers; music: Rogelio Maxwell, cello. Dancers: John Bailey, Dale Crittenberger, Amy Dupree, Mark Lacatena, Susan Jamieson, Susan Short, Maida Withers, others; Premiere: Marvin Theatre, Washington, DC.

The work was kept in repertory and toured to Atlanta, Georgia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Boston, Massachusetts in the earliest chain of performances established by funding from the NEA. Families Are Forever was also presented on the tour.

Turf was reconstructed a year later and some member of the first cast were replaced by other dancers. We regret any error in the names on the video.

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