Pop Dee Project a.k.a. Common People’s Music is mainly a music project that periodically organizes sessions and gatherings resulting with various music products that are distributed to participants, and friends of the project. Not weighted with the choice of music genre or the choice of artistic form. In this case art is just what it is in its origin: EXPRESSION. Expression of human spirit, expression of a man/woman that is either free or tries to be free.

Some basic info with pictures: popdeeproject.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/15/

Some FREE music ready for you to download: popdeeproject.blogspot.com/

Some promotional videos: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzh_zspniz9WlScALl5Sc3FPjOlp9Q43E

Facebook fan page - don’t forget to like and share :) facebook.com/popdeeproject

Contact e-mail: popdeeproject@gmail.com

Pop Dee Project - Common People's Music --------- Thank You!

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