UNC Charlotte: Senior Design Project for EPIC_PV_BAT. Spring 2014.

For the technical minded:
The scope of the project was to take power generated from a Photovoltaic Array, condition it (DC/DC Converter) to meet the nominal voltage across two 12 volt deep cycle batteries. This input will then supply an DC/AC Inverter to output 120 VAC at 60Hz. The team implemented a cooling system using three 12VDC fans controlled by a microcontroller (Arduino Mega) with the current temperature being shown on two seven segment displays. An additional real time power display is going to be implemented in the future using Current Transducers and another microcontroller. This system also has grid-tie capabilities and the power electronics (everything but PV panels) are on a moveable chassis.
***Note panels are not appropriately mounted yet. (critical angle, south-facing, etc.)

For the non-technical minded:
The project took solar cells and batteries to supply a device that allows users to plug in and get power (much like a traditional wall outlet).

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