The German Center for Research and Innovation and Max Planck Innovation

When academia and industry work in tandem to push the frontiers of knowledge, they have the potential to become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth. What enables a seamless relationship between academia and industry? How have some visionary companies and their academic partners successfully overcome their inherent differences to forge a higher level of strategic partnership? How has the gap between industrial R & D and academic research changed over the past few years? Our panelists discussed these and other significant questions affecting academia, industry, and the global knowledge economy.

Dr. Jörn Erselius, Managing Director, Max Planck Innovation
and Dr. Barbara Dalton, Director, Pfizer Ventures Investments Team
and Teri Willey, Vice President, Business Development & Technology Transfer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
moderated by Prof. Dr. Mark Ebers, Professor of Business Administration, Corporate Development and Organization, University of Cologne

3/18/2014, at the German House New York

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