A piece of slag from the Crotty Smelters on Tasmania's West Coast, reveals part of the story behind the areas rich mining history.

Back in the 1980's Donald Johns went to visit the site of the Crotty Smelters, one of the main mining sites that started and operated near Queenstown back in the late 1890's.

While there he picked up a piece of slag, which is a by-product of copper mining.

The slag from Crotty was part of the North Mount Lyell Mine operations which merged with Mount Lyell mining back in the early 1900’s.

The township of Crotty is now no longer accessible as it is under Lake Burbury,the result of the Hydro King River Power development.

The audio slideshow was made with Donald Johns at an Objects workshop held at the West Coast Community Services Hub.

Produced by Troy Melville.

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