Early Steps, A Play school, is considered pioneer in the field of education and is credited with revolutionizing learning by making it interesting, engaging & motivating. Early Steps , A Play School is a leader in preschool education

It is now a well-established fact that the competence of a preschool curriculum has a significant impact during the child's early developmental years. It is this segment of Early Childhood Learning and Development that Early Steps a play school caters to.

Play school education is a phase of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature.

We at Early Steps,A Play school, ensures Pre-school Education is upheld across each of classroom through enrolling the best and most experienced Educators and employing the most innovative teaching aids, both classroom-study and outdoor-activities based.

Our Classrooms provide a safe, secure and enriching environment to the children. They have been designed to give easy access to the children to all the learning materials. This encourages self-learning as well as independence in the children.

Our Teachers are qualified caregivers. They undergo periodic training to keep abreast of the latest teaching methodologies, practices and safety standards relevant to our age group. They are continuously motivated to provide exceptional care to our children.

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