Fox asked us to create a special package to celebrate the beginning of the spring time in the northern hemisphere.
With a clear channel concept "We want it or not, spring bursts into our lives. Simply comes and changes us. Almost without realizing it, brings out the best of us" and three very funny scripts we created a fresh package following the guidelines of Fox Life Worlwide, the brand image we developed a year ago.
Meanwhile, here we welcome to autumn!

Creative Director: Pablo Alfieri
Art Director: Sebastian Curi
Animation Director: Hernán Estevez
Script: Natalia Español, Mariano Barreiro, Florencia Picco (Fox)
2D & 3D Design: Guido Lambertini, Pablo Alfieri, Sebastian Curi & Nicolás Castro
3D Modeling: Ago Carrera, Juan Martín Miyagi & Sebastian Curi
2D Animation: Hernán Estevez, Matias Petroli, Sebastian Curi & Guido Lambertini
3D Animation: Guido Lambertini, Matias Petroli & Sebastian Curi
3D Lighting & Shading: Ago Carrera, Pablo Alfieri & Matias Mastrogiano
3D Rendering: Agostina Carrera & Sebastian Curi
Postproduction: Sebastian Curi
Montage & Edition: Sebastian Curi
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2014

Client: Fox International Channels
Project: Fox Life Spring
Directed by: Fox International Channels
VP Global Branding & Creative: Florencia Picco
Global Branding Director: Mariano Barreiro
Global Art Director: Natalia Español

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