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It is so easy to fall into the same trap that a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs fall into which is overlooking the importance of how they are actually positioned in the market. More often than not, freelancers and entrepreneurs end up feeling so overwhelmed by reluctance and fear that no one will want to buy their products and/or hire them for their services if they decide to raise their prices up.

In this video I break down this mentality down and I talk about a strategy that I have been using for a long time.

Learn all about what I refer to as "Picture Perfect Positioning Strategy" which helps you understand how a premium strategy can serve you as better using four basic steps which basically require you to get into the mindset of your client so that you understand their goals; frame the conversation around the quality of the products and/or services that you offer; explain how your products/services are different from those offered by others; and provide them with a clear example of what could end up happening if they opted for products/services other than your own.

I have also created a guide called the Picture Perfect Positioning Strategy Guide which is basically a walk-through to provide you with a better understanding of the four basic steps and a much more elaborate breakdown of key insights that will allow you to figure out what you need to know about market positioning and better pricing. The Picture Perfect Positioning Strategy Guide will only be available for free download for a limited period of time so make sure that you get your copy while you still can.

To download a copy of The Picture Perfect Positioning Strategy Guide, please click here:

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