Plane: Skymaster Avanti XXL, evojet B220EX
Engine: EvoJet B220ex

Engine details-
A new mixed-flow compressor allows operating an in an broader turbine speed range. The engine features an electric starter motor and electric kerosene burner (SFL12V), providing full control over the engine start up from the transmitter. Propane gas is no longer needed. Novelty 2009 features the new single fuel line system. No additional startup fuel line needed. New mixed-flow-compressor stage (7/7-blade). SFL12V - ceramic burner for fully automatic engine startup with no propane gas and no separate start-tubing. Engine sensors fully integrated and therefore best protected. Precision balanced rotor with ceramic-hybrid bearings for best running performance. Mini JETRONIC-Vx ECU - extra lightweight and with powerful firmware. All components with full evoJet-warranty.

Performance Specs:
Thrust performance: 23.1 kg / 51lb @ 123,000 Weight incl. mount: 1.81 kg = 4 lb Diameter: 112 mm = 4.4 inches Rev speed range: 30,000 - 123,000 rpm Exhaust gas temperature: 650°C - 720° C Fuel: 650g / 22.9 oz per min Jet A1 Lubrication: 5% turbine oil in fuel Maintenance interval: typ. 2-3 years / 120.000.000 / 25 h

Shot by
Pilot: Alex Zayika
Camera operator: Pedro Guimaraes

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