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Since I saw some timelapse's videos on the web, I knew that I wanted to do the same. I started doing some little tests last year and went a step further when I installed magic lantern on my canon. This short film shows all the tests, from basic timelapes to day-to-night or even startrails, I've been doing lately. At the end, I also tried doing a hyperlapse. There isn't really a link between them, but I mixed them together to resume a day : sunrise, daytime, sunset and night. I'm seriously thinking about upgrading my gear in order to get a better quality and more movements in the shots

For these tests, I used a canon 60D with a basic 18-135mm and a samyang 14mm for the night- and starlapses. About 4000 pictures were needed for all the shots and everything was shot in Conthey, Wallis, Switzerland. All movements were done in post production with Adobe after-effects.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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