New Animated Sopranos Series

"A continuation of the hit TV show year later"

Episode 2: "The Big Payback"

Junior Soprano heads his new crew which includes underboss Dickie Moltisanti, soldiers Joey De Angelis, Hugo Pellegrino, and future soldier Vincent Leotardo. Together they continue to kill members of Tony's crew with overseas Italian hitmen, while two Hell's Angel biker gang members (secretly hired by Dickie to kidnap Carmelo and A.J.) are being hunted by Tony.


Tony Soprano
Paulie Walnuts
Silvio Dante
Junior Soprano
Dickie Moltisanti
Meadow Soprano
Janice Soprano
Vincent Leotardo
Patsy Parisi
Stripper Lucy Love
Biker Woz
Biker Angel
Joey De Angelis
Prison Guard
Carmela Soprano
Hugo Pellegrino

Scene 1

On the streets of a small town in south Jersey, Tony shoots Biker Angel in the head.

Scene 2

At a new stripclub Paulie, Silvio, and Patsy drink at the bar.

Stripper Lucy Love dances while Patsy watches.

Paulie and Silvio talk at a table.

Scene 3

Dickie and three Italian hitmen drive in a van towards Lucy's parents house to await Patsy.

Scene 4

Inside Lucy's parents house Patsy has sex with her in her room.

Scene 5

Patsy Parisi is gunned-down in front of Lucy's house by three hitmen hired by Junior and Dickie.

Scene 6

Janice and Meadow talk at her lake house about Bobby's death (both unaware of Carmela & A.J.'s disappearance).

Scene 7

At an upstate New York prison yard, inmate Vincent Leotardo (Phil's only son) talks with his inmate/enforcer about getting revenge for Tony killing his father and his uncle Billy.

Vincent and his inmate enforcer beat-up a prison guard.

Scene 8

Junior eats lunch at a "Soprano owned" restaurant, while waiting for a delivery from Dickie.

Scene 9

Janice contemplates suicide in her bedroom at the lake house.

Meadow reads a magazine in the livingroom

Scene 10

Tony kills Biker Woz in an underground sewer system next to the dungeon where Carmela is held captive.

The Sopranos Animated Movies
Directed & Writen by Rocco Carcheri

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