How this was done:
- Shot on BMCC and BMPCC RAW 23.976p
- Batch-offloaded and converted to small MPEG2 proxies by RAW 4 PRO.
- Proxies edited with Premiere Pro in real-time.
- Premiere project imported into After Effects, unused footage deleted.
- In AE, opened the imported PPro timeline. Replaced Footage - onlined MPEG2 proxies back to the original DNGs offloaded by RAW 4 PRO.
- Developed each shot in ACR. Virtually all grading/corrections done in ACR - quick and easy to do!
- Exported timeline out of AE as PhotoJPEG, then converted to 720p mp4 for Vimeo upload

Just a demo or RAW 4 PRO workflow and a test of timelapses (and more) with Blackmagic Cinema cameras.

Music: Jean-Michel Jarre, Oxygene part 4 cover by mikejarrenot


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