My latest showreel, a collection of my best work.

Modeling - Maya
Sculpting - ZBrush
Rendering -Vray
Compositing - Nuke

Feel free to check out my website for more work

Spaceship 00:06
This is a hard surface model meant to accompany Skips Leg Day. It was made using both ZBrush and Maya for modeling. I wanted to focus on some big and interesting shapes for a spaceship. The textures are also done in ZBrush.
It was shaded and lit in Maya, then rendered with V-Ray

Le Soldat De marathon 00:23
This is an anatomy study of the sculpture by the same name by Jean-Pierre Cortot. This is one of my favorite pieces in The Louvre. I thought it would be an interesting challange for me to test my anatomy and understanding of form.
The model was done in Maya ti get the topology I wanted, then brought into ZBrush for the hi-res detail. Finally it was rendered with V-Ray

Skips Leg Day & Companion 00:47
I did this project with the intention of doing a model from scratch. Working on a 2d concept and then translating that into 3d. I was an interesting mix of hard surface and organic modeling, because I wanted to cover a broad variety of things. It was then textured using ZBrush and rendered with V-Ray

Qunari 01:11
This was only meant as a face study. i wanted to something like a scary ZBrush demon, but ultimately decided on something more human. It is based on the concepts from the game Dragon Age.

The Saga Continues 01:18
This piece was made for CGSociety's V-Ray 10 year anniversary. It's really meant as a joke on how George Lucas has continued with the Star Wars franchised and turned it into something else. It was interesting to get to mix styles. Trying to integrate some stylized things into a more realistic setting.
Maya was used for the modeling, ZBrush was used for hi-res stuff. finally it was rendered in V-Ray

The Mad King 01:26
Much like the Qunari, i wanted to explore the face. I wanted to focus more on emotion in this one. This is meant as a study and was solely made in ZBrush.

Voigtländer 01:31
I wanted to do something different in terms of hard surface. I didn't just want to do another fancy sports car. There's a lot of beauty in a camera like this, and that's really what inspired me to make it.
It was all modeled in Maya.

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