So I fell asleep on a sunday afternoon on my hammock. Woke up with a chill provoked by the super strong wind that was hitting the island and yet, felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. This sensations brought me back to Rio Grande, one of the windiest places where I've lived.

And that moment, once so present in my life, is one of the poems I have tattooed. A haiku. Waking up of my power nap like that inspired to get my camera and film that haiku right away. All the images on this video were captured without ever leaving my hammock.

A haiku is a poem. A short poem with no metaphores, rhymes or whatsoever. Just 17 syllables that bring an image to your mind, or a feeling, or a memory. The beauty of it is that every reader has a different experience when reading haikai, I hope you enjoy yours.

The haiku from the video is from the brazilian poet Paulo Leminski and goes like that:

tarde de vento
até as árvores querem
vir para dentro

I won't translate it, 'cause that's outrageous when it comes to poetry. Watch the video and you'll understand what it's about.

Disclaimer --- I'm more of a music fan than a musician. I do not own the rights to this song, Nine Inch Nails does ["34 Ghosts" by Nine Inch Nails (]. The purpose of this video is strictly for personal use.

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