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Lyrics:I love you
Now I had to write this song about yo because I don’t know how else to tell you
Because every time I see you it’s like I get tongue tied and I can’t open meh eyes
And I just get crazy and I can’t express the way I feel so I guess I had to do it this way
And hopefully you could um understand where I’m coming from you know wah ah mean
So I just really want you to get this
For everyone there’s another one day we’ll find each other
I know it feels hopeless but keep the faith and we’ll be blessed
I love you (6X)
Try to hide my feelings inside but it show I know you know
It’s in the way you glow cause I know my love it shows
Never meant for this you make me trip my heart beat skips
I think about a first kiss tried to walk away heart makes me stay
I love you (6X)
I’ve tried to express myself but I can’t do it it’s true
When I see you just don’t know what to do
I’m in love with you I’ll sacrifice to be with you
Nothing else matters I’m not too close we’re very far
I love you (6X)

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