The seventh game we played on Gamer Night #5 (December 22, 2007) was Mortal Kombat Armageddon on Xbox.

Match 1 is Lynn vs. Thomas.

P1- Scorpion/Spirit Gamer

P2- Nitara/Ducky8707

Match 2 is John­ny vs. John (Me).

P1- Goro/Jom­bie

P2- Sub-Ze­ro/Da_Gamer

Match 3 is Thomas vs. John(Me).

P1- Nitara/Ducky8707

P2- Sub-Zero//Da_Gamer

The final match is John(Me) vs. Andy.

P1- Sub-Zero/Da_Gamer

P2- Kung Lao/Axel_Wolf

Winner:???? (Watch the video ^_^)

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