This film is dark drama where the protagonist struggles to keep her relationship alive with the corpse of her recently deceased boyfriend.

This twisted, dark love story features a relationship well past it's expiration date. After JAY is accidentally murdered, KELLY aspires to keep the relationship alive with his corpse.

How does one say goodbye when they do not yet believe that they are ready to let go? This conundrum is relatable to many people, but in this circumstance, the relatable aspect rides a fine line with the abnormal.

Trying to make a relationship work when all the facts point to an inappropriate match, can be a difficult reality to accept. In this case, Kelly takes the hard road, fighting to create a perfect love out of a failed, dead, and decaying past. The madness and rage born of Kelly's and Jay's former union will not fade, and this now uncanny romance can never truly be. Will she find her inner strength to move on? Will she be able to bury the past and say goodbye?

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