The story behind the sweet token of thanks.
This film is part of an online brand experience plattform for the Swiss International Air Lines.

Overall responsibility: Hinderling Volkart
Concept: Hinderling Volkart / LAUSCHSICHT
Online plattform: Hinderling Volkart (
Moving Images: LAUSCHSICHT (

Concept and Direction: Kevin Blanc / Alain Renold
Camera: Alain Renold / Kevin Blanc
Post-Production: Alain Renold / Kevin Blanc
Producer: Muriel Droz
Music: Michael Ricar (
Hair/Makeup: Julia Ritter (

Production Insight
Shot on location using two 5D MKIII with Magic Lantern (1080p25 RAW). Camera movement was done with a Rhino Slider. We lit the scenes with a (Area 48 LED). The film was edited in Premiere Pro and then carefully graded in Resolve.

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