H1N1: VIRUS X is the visceral, futuristic story of five medical scientists quarantined inside a bunker lab after being infected with a deadly, hyper-mutant form of the H1N1 virus.

They have three days to live. No exit. No escape.

While the deceitful head doctor monitors from a hidden surveillance room, the scientists must uncover the harrowing truth behind their detainment and force their way to freedom.

Only a mysterious, silver-haired stranger stands in the way . . .

Starring Jai Day, Domiziano Arcangeli, Joseph Zaso, Dylan Vox and Sybil Danning
Introducing Sasha Formoso with Kyra Groves, Bo Burroughs and Jillian Easton

Directed by Ryan Stevens Harris

For more information visit: H1N1VirusX.com

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