Wamsley "Light Waves" Official Music Video

Directed/Animated by David Hinterberg.

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Nick Zwirlein
Paul Hinterberg
Austin Paruch

Edited by David Hinterberg
Final edit by Nick Zwirlein
Mastered by Chris Hanson

All rights reserved.

The dark, gritty, warm and friendly short film by newcomer David Hinterberg was completed in our basement sometime in 2001. Affectionately titled "the Dave Cave", his basement studio/living quarters was completely overrun by the production, and Wamsley's rehearsal space (we were then known as HOV3.) Creating the entire production by hand, Dave spent hundreds of hours building the set, props, lighting, and machining the puppet out of various pieces of metal. He also designed and built his own motion-control camera rig and wrote the computer program that operated it.

After months of preparation, he finally began filming, moving frame by agonizing frame creating the over 8,000 individual snapshots in "Processor". With a notebook full of mathematical equations detailing complex camera moves, and an extremely precise animation at 24 frames per second, the completed film left Dave a lot to show for his patience and ingenuity, but it had very little music.

It was about that time that he moved out and we virtually never saw or heard about the film for years. After persistent hounding, we were given a rough transfer on DVD in late 2007, around the time we were finishing up writing the song "Light Waves". In a state of excited ambition, we ended rehearsal like we often do, seated at a watering hole, spitballing ideas, opportunities, and avenues we might go down as a band. "What about Dave's movie?" It was not long before we noticed that the track times of the finished song and the film were virtually identical. With the rough DVD and a live bootleg of "Light Waves", we hit play on both at the same time. The finished product available here is not much different than what we saw that night. Kind of like Dark side of the Moon, and the Wizard of Oz...

Many thanks to Dave Hinterberg and Chris Hanson.

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