Fluorescent Smogg present a new edition produced in collaboration with the elusive Daniel Sparkes, a.k.a. Mudwig.
An idiosyncratic monument to the shattering of a conceptual illusion. Jacob Epstein’s Rock Drill is reinvented as a Dr Seussian centrepiece for a Pizza Hut table feast; a multi-stylistic totem for crumbled empires and the fallen futurist vision.
A highly limited main edition of 13 beautiful etchings, accompanied by a further edition of only 5 which have been hand finished with gold leaf.

The music in this video is used by the kind permission of BEAK> and Invada Records, Bristol's very own Rock Drills and sometime collaborators with Sparkes.

DOP: Tim Crawley (Twitter: @timctv)
Animator: Mark Warrington ( vimeo.com/markwarrington )
Music: BEAK> 'Pill' (Invada Records 2009 invada.co.uk )


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