Hi, my name's Adam from ASENT Data Cabling and in this video I'm going to talk to you about the Isolation Test.

Now if you ever have a problem with your phone system the first thing you should do is ring up your service provider: Telstra, Optus, Primus, or whoever it happens to be, and when you talk to them on the phone their going to ask you to do an isolation test.

But don't worry! Its not a difficult thing to do. What you need to do in a isolation test is simply unplug all of your telecommunication devices. This includes your phones, your modems, your Foxtel unit (if you have one) and your back to base security alarms, if you have one of those.

Now phones are pretty straight forward and so is your modem - you know where that is - but don't forget your hidden phones, the ones that you don't use, the ones in the study or the spare bedroom.

Now, your for your Foxtel unit, you'll need to get in behind the Foxtel unit and unplug the telephone line.

For the back to base alarm you need to find the actual alarm itself which will be a box mounted on a wall, often in a pantry, cupboard or walk in robe. On top of this box is a phone socket. Simply unplug it (you might need a ladder to reach it).

So there you have it, the isolation test - a nice and easy, a straight forward thing to do to help you solve your own telecommunication problems.

Now if you have any questions then please ask us in the comments below, alternatively you can send us an email to Adam@asent.com.au

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