This is a story about a guy who moved back to Indonesia, his native country, and fell in love with a girl he saw at school. Being new to the dating scene, he listened to his two best friends—and their bad advice. During the date, things went from bad to worse as he followed each of his friends’ numerous pointers. All of a sudden, the girl left. Thinking that she hated him, he snapped at his friends and left the restaurant. Turns out, the girl left because she needed to go to the toilet, coming back to wonder where he had gone.

Director: Julian Tirtadjaja
Adinda Alita Christanto, Christina Claudia Santoso, Julian Tirtadjaja
Film Editor: Matthew Salim

Love Is by Sarah Joanna Tahir
CD Baby:

Get Outside by Youtube Audio Library
Good Start by Youtube Audio Library
Payday by Youtube Audio Library

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