A modest proposal:

This is an idea to raise funds for Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club project. I propose the sale of McAbee Bobbleheads. They would be off white in color or completely black, with no outstanding features other than the general likeness of Mr. McAbee's characteristic black outfit and hat. It's size could be between 3" and 7" tall, depending on production costs and public demand.

This is my initiative. I made this video to motivate others to contribute with CAMC and Mr. McAbee's films. I hold no rights to Mr. McAbee's likeness, nor images from any of his films. All decision making on this matter, belongs to Mr. McAbee. I drew the figure myself, animated it, composed the little tune, and played it, to entertain you while you watch, and let the idea sink in.

Lets do some filmmaking!

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