Cinepolitica International Film Festival 2014
April 8th-13th, Cinema Studio, Elvire Popesco & Union
Bucharest, Romania
(the 3rd edition)

- Eye on Films -

The Mole - d. Rafael Lewandowski, Poland/France, 2011, 104'

From hero of the anti-Communist resistance, over night, Zygmunt turns in the enemy of the people. More than 30 years after being imprisoned for his activities as a Solidarność leader, he is accused of collaboration with the secret police. Paweł refuses to accept that his father may have betrayed his cause, but gradually, he has to accept the mistakes of the past, and also the unknown realities behind post-Communist Poland. The paradox is that, in this story about compromise, no one is guilty. Best Actor award for Borys Szyc at the 2011 Montréal World Film Festival.

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