Are your clients requesting greater efficiency in the delivery of its activities?

Is your organisation looking to improve its performance and reduce its costs through greater efficiency?

Are you looking to provide innovative methods and solutions to your clients?

Are you wondering how to face the challenge of the industry set jointly with the government to reduce the project overall time from inception to completion by 50%; and 33% less cost for construction and whole-life cost until 2025?

Many organisations within the construction sector have experience of Lean Construction and have recognised the benefits that can be delivered through the effective implementation of Lean principles. This recognition has led many of these organisations to consider a structured approach to create an ‘in-house’ Lean Construction capability to achieve greater maturity in Lean Construction. Project Five believe that the Lean Construction Maturity Model (LCMM) provides this structured approach and that our team can provide the expertise to develop this ‘in-house’ Lean Construction capability through LCMM.

Project Five will be hosting a live webinar on the 29th April 16.30 - 17.30. This webinar will introduce the LCMM and why it is important for organisations to know their current state of Lean Construction Maturity. We would recommend that if you or your organisation are interested in enhancing your operational performance through Lean Construction then this webinar is a must for you!

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