Please Watch video to end. Our Director has a message at the end.
With his driving this driver clearly displays that he does not care about anyone out on the road. It's all about him and no one else. He has done this before. This time he got caught. This time there is no denying it since there is video.
At 2:39and 4:45 in the video it clearly shows the driver practicing a violent maneuver that we have seen before in the hope of intimidation the driver in the right lane to back out of it so he could come over. We have seen this in many instances and this driver has also done this before. It is an intimidating tactic performed by doubles drivers.
This driver had prior warning that the scales were approaching and he could easily have backed out of it and slid
behind the member and not tried to cut him off as he attempted. A lack of concentration on this drivers part does not constitute courtesy from this member.
At the time the doubles driver turned his turn signal on it was already too late for him to get in line.

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