In an era when it was still potentially a fatal career move to be openly queer in Hollywood, actor and director Amanda Bearse blew a lot of people away when she came out as a lesbian in 1993, at the height of success in her role as Marcy D'Arcy on the hit television series "Married ... With Children." She also directed more than 30 episodes of the show, and has directed episodes of a number of other series as well. We spoke with her on set at "Married," and got to watch her at work in the control room too.

From Network Q Out Across America Episode 28, February 1994. Watch the rest of the episode at

Produced and directed by David Surber; Associate Producer Carol Morgan; camera and lighting by Louis Rodriguez; editors Gerald Brewer, Darryl Frank Michael Turri and Greg Kiernan; graphics by Kelly Lujan; post production :30 Second St., Ltd.
Originally distributed via subscription on VHS tape; aired on public television in the US in 1995.

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