APRIL founder, Millie participated in a demonstration organised by Rufus May to highlight overuse of drugs and poor medicines management that can lead to harm including reduction of quality of life and early death.

There is continued use of medication and signs it is not well tolerated by the likes of young Daniel, is sadly not easily dealt with. Daniel was having fits and Millie accompanied his sister when she tried to persuade the hospital psychiatrist to reduce dosage of Olanzapine that Daniel was not tolerating.
A few weeks later Daniel suddenly died.
Psychologist Rufus May, isrespected for his integrity and efforts to help so many people.
Rufus organised a demonstration from the hospital in Tottenham where Daniel was first treated with psychiatric drugs at the age of 15 following an adverse reaction to medication prescribed by his GP.

The demo included pushing a hospital bed and expressing our horror of the current system by creating a comic scenario. Hence Rufus is wearing a clown's hat in this interview. See his web sites comingoff.com and rufusmay.com

The demo was in 2008 and sadly although efforts to improve the mental health system have gone ahead, we are still hearing sad stories of people over drugged or withdrawn too quickly from psychotropic drugs, leading to devastating long term adverse effects (iatrogenic illness).

Many of the stories we hear are of people who had a severe psychiatric reaction to a non psychiatric drug. Instead of being helped to slowly recover as the toxicity reduced, they have been prescribed more drugs leading to even more physical and psychological harm.

Many doctors have not studied pharmacology as it is not a compulsory subject for medical students. This results in overlooked or poor management of adverse drug reactions (ADRs).
The subject of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics was removed from the guidelines on medical education published in 'Tomorrow's Doctors' in 1993.

YOUR VIEWS CAN BE HEARD TOO! The British Medical Association have agreed to review opinions about the mental health treatment in our psychiatric system in the UK. Go to cepuk.org/news/ for more information.

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