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Video games thrust players in all kinds of roles, be it a soldier, a race driver, knight in old times or a superstar. Very less are those genre in which a superhero scurs the skyscrapers and saves the citizens with superstrength, speed and awe-inspiring powers which never grow old. Meet Infamous Second Son Delsin Rowe.

When players first arrive in Seattle, they'll noticed it's occupied by the Department of Unified Protection, an agency created to stop "bioterrorists" like Delsin. As with any inFamous game, players roam however they choose. They can scurry up skyscrapers like it's nothing more than a rock climbing wall and float between skyscraper rooftops.

Just like the first two titles, Second Son features a Karma system where players can choose to play a hero that protects the city from the DUP and rogue Conduits, or a villain that terrorizes Seattle. Choices players make throughout the game help forge relationships with superpowered allies and open up fresh missions.

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