Two weeks had passed since Depen's older brother, Amit had performed his engagement ceremony to Ashlynn. Amit and Depen (sometimes thought of as twins by my husband, Jay. I'm not certain why, they look vastly different to me) are my brothers. Our mums are first cousins and you can tell instantly when you see them scurrying around by their petite statures (no more than 4'-11") and friendly dispositions. In the two weeks, the weather changed from golden autumn goodness to an icy cold winter. And when I mean icy, I am referring to the 'Great North American Ice Storm of 2013'.

Little did Depen and his fiancé, Dia know that they were going to wake-up to the foreshadowing of the icy storm. The trees were covered in a layer of glittery ice. We were standing in the real-life scene from the Disney movie 'Frozen'. I had to get these two outside for their 'Mini-Love' Shoot' after their ceremony. I needed to make this happen. I did have an indoor back-up location, but I convinced the team to head out! The colours they wore worked perfectly for the landscape and I am utterly grateful that they trusted me to get a few snaps of them in the chilly conditions. (I know they were a bit hesitant, but they told me that the cold and slippery walkways were well worth it when they saw the photos!) Big thanks to Jay for carrying the jackets, boots and blankets between shots!

I love these ones with the pine trees covered in snow! (I want my own snowy pine tree shoot now.) Depen knows how to make Dia laugh…and (happy) cry within seconds as he put the engagement ring on her finger in front of everyone. This was by far one of my favourite moments during the ceremony.

Dia and Depen, thank you so much for showing me your true colours and for showcasing what it really means to be a 'True Canadian'. It truly was an honour capturing your moments.

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