This movie has been created by Arthur Stammet in January 2014. The soundtrack is a part of the ballet music "Illuminations", composed by Arthur Stammet in April 1990.

The very calm and highly meditative character of both the music and the fractal animation allows to think deeply about reflections while exploring a world which represents infinity. A three-dimensional fractal panorama is reflected by a constantly morphing, mirrored fractal box, revealing what's behind the spectator: another view of what's seen in the front.

This "tribute to itself" is a fractal in a fractal, both created with the Mandelbulb 3D program. A rendered 360° panorama of a fractal, with reflections, has been used as the background picture for the sphere, surrounding the rotating box acting like a more or less complex mirror.

The titles, created with BluffTitler and Bixorama use the recently mentioned panorama as reflection map and add mirrored text to the illusion, which tries to combine complexity with simplicity, cubes with bowls, sharp edges with bevels.

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