1. The Mini Cooper Launch event was hosted at the Ritz Carlton Reserve in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. As one of the two Ritz Carlton Reserves (the other is in Thailand), it is home to the original Rockefeller Estate. The 1200 acre property has a golf course, water park, a Jose Andres Restaurant and gorgeous beach! Though the property is only about a year old, Mariah Carey and Beyonce have stayed here.

2. Before taking the car out to drive, Mini hosted a fabulous breakfast with a breath-taking show. When we entered the breakfast area, minis were strategically displayed on the sand and in front of water. A rainbow appeared behind the cars over the Caribbean Sea. What more could we have asked for??

3. A singer in a white dress sang "Because I'm Happy" while people with jet packs flew over the water. Mini Coopers were driving circles around the singer.

4. We drove the Mini Cooper through the jungles of Puerto Rico. Some roads were so narrow that only 1 mini could fit. Overall, the driving experience was incredible. The car accelerates extremely fast and can turn on a time. The interior was also very comfortable. We were sent out on a wild scavenger to take pictures of landmarks throughout Puerto Rico. One of the highlights was getting a fresh coconut from the coconut man after driving around for a couple of hours.

5. The 6-speed manual is easy to use. The shifts are light and short. Shifting is smooth and works effortlessly.

6. About 25 Mini Coopers were flown over from Germany to Puerto Rico just for this event!

7. The Mini Cooper is the perfect car if you live in the big city. It's small enough to find parking anywhere but powerful enough to zoom throughout traffic

8. The new Mini Cooper starts at $21,000 and goes to $25,000 (for the Mini Cooper S)

9. More than 1.5 million Mini Coopers were sold in the UK between 1959 and 2004.

10. The new Mini Coopers are in its 3rd generation

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