ALMOST DEAF (Quasi sordo)
Concept and performed by Vito Alfarano
Camera operator Gianluca Sciannameo
Second camera Matteo Valtancoli
Editing Vito Alfarano and Gianluca Sciannameo
Costumes Elena Frigato
Realized during the project “Accademia Mobile 2011” Center for the Contemporany Scene of Bassano and ICK Amsterdam thanks to GD’A Puglia Prize 2011 and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese.

What you say matters more than how you say it and where to see means listen.
For a deaf person, silence is a normal condition.
For a hearing person, silence is related to sounds.

The choreographic development is inspired by the Italian Language of Signs.
The inspiration behind the signs is a quotation about the meaning of life by Charlie Chaplin:

They’ll always criticize you, speak badly of you, it’ll be hard to meet someone who will like you as you are, so live, do what your heart tells you to do.. Life is like a play that does not allow testing. So sing, cry, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life, before the curtain closes and the piece ends with no applause".

My aim is giving voice to diversity - here represented by the deaf – through choreography, an expressive form of art which captures the point of connection between object and concept, where the concept becomes emotion and sensation.

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