Episode three of five see's the "There Goes.." crew whisked off to Calgary, Alberta. Jake was not so lucky wth the whisking and his flight path went like this.... Anchorage > Seattle > LAX> Tuscon> Calgary, see in 24 hours mate.
John & Jye had a good time taking an hour or so convincing customs to let them in. We were ideally a week late and what little snow was left had been melted and refrozen, this left little possibility for any "stoke" to be mined and we had to instead mine snow at each spot from the nearest and largest pile of ice.
Many more miles clocked in the minivan pinging from spot to spot, usually no snow at all or some aggressive capping would greet us as we finally found each feature. After we could squuez no more out of Calgary we headed north to oil town, the capital of Alberta, Edmonton. Here we discovered the Edmonton Queen Riverboat frozen stuck into the river, this became our playground for the last 2 days of the trip, and I think we were all super greatful to bag tonnes of shots there.

Jye Kearney
Jake McCarthy
Daniel Crean

Filmed & Edited by John Waddell
Cover photo by John Waddell

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