soooo me and my sister are big Jossi Wells fans and wrote this tribute (haha) after being inspired by Colby J West's video My Friend is a Pro (!
:) btw we recorded the audio first then the video
original song: Halle Berry (She's Fine) by Hurricane Chris


He fine when he roll
Fine when he switch
Deep in the pow,
erry n**** wanna call him
Jossi Wells, Jossi Wells
Jossi Wells, Jossi Wells
He go full throttle
Got mad steeze
Stomp it on the ground
so fly when he skis
Jossi Wells, Jossi Wells
Jossi Wells, Jossi Wells

At 19 a freeski prodigy
straight from the NZ
yea a true kiwi

Reppin the 6.0
yeah his Oakleys are dope yo

got his snow pants on
yo he sews em up tight
after they come off
the fun lasts allllll night
Wait, what?


Front side switch, rodeos in the air
he can stomp them all
with style to spare

Follow him on twitter
his tweets are dope
he even tweets while he skis
damn! right on the slope

Got a lot of hype *what*
proves it in the pipe *what*
leaves you wantin more
winnin on the dew tour

bumpin to dubstep
hot as johnny depp
he’s just too fresh


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