Mike Pauly is a retired WA local who is walking around the entire country – estimated to be around 30,000 kilometers in total.

Starting in Fremantle and finishing in Fremantle Mike is walking along the coastline of Australia to raise money and awareness for arthritis research and men's health.

As Mike puts it, he is at a ripe young age of 73 and suffers from osteoarthritis, but this isn’t stopping him walking long distances.
After being diagnosed some years ago, Mike took up walking as a way to improve his fitness and ease his physical and mental suffering from the condition.
What started off as small walks soon transformed into larger ones.
Over time Mike’s fitness and condition improved and instead of walking as a chore, it soon changed to being a passion!
Mike has experienced many life-changing moments including six years with the Missionary of Charity Brothers, which included working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

As a volunteer one of the jobs was to go out onto the streets in the mornings and pick up the sick and dying. One time Mike brought back a very sick man but died soon after.

Moments like these changed Mike and contributed to what he is doing today in trying to help others, in particular men’s health.

Mike has no support crew other than his beloved wife back home in Fremantle and the support of Men Sheds scattered across the country that will help and assist with any maintenance and repairs on his walking trailer.

“It’s one of the greatest things anyone can do,” says Mike.

“I believe walking is the best medicine.”

Mike is currently walking north of Geraldton heading towards Carnarvon. He is looking to walk on average around 40 kilometers per day, which should take around two years in total to complete.

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