Digital Jalebi was invited to create an installation for an artisans village-"Kathputli Colony" in Shadipur, Delhi. 90 years of association, the colony is now their home, their work space and more importantly, their life line.
The colony is on the verge of getting relocated to make way for high-rises.

We at digital Jalebi found the cause close to our hearts and decided to put up an exhibit as an attempt to describe the importance of the colony to its residents and their deep emotions associated with it, through the proposed festival.

The idea of the exhibit was to highlight the very essence of the colony. Why would someone live there, why should we support them, what is so attractive and binding about the colony and will the Kathputli colony be Kathputli colony if it moves to some unknown space??...the answer would be hazy till we peep inside the doors of the colony or knock at them to be a part of it.

The installation, therefore, lets you see the INSIDE of this beautiful living art space, breaking the general perception of how people think the colony is or should be!

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