Created for the Weekend Challenge: , the task was to shoot cooking a dish, featuring the food more than the cooking.

Why hot dogs? Because even Iron Chef Bobby Flay in his throwdown against a hot dog master didn't make his own hot dogs or rolls. His only real contribution was in the topping. Same was true of the cook he was challenging. Hot dogs and everything made to go with them are just so good that even a master chef wouldn't dare mess with them. So here I have featured one of several of my personal favorite hot dog versions--spicy chili dogs with barbecue sauce.

It was surprisingly difficult to cook and shoot at the same time. If I do this sort of project again I will definitely have someone else either do the cooking or the camera work.

Technical Notes:

I get my exposure right by taking several photos before any planned scene filming, because great cinematography starts with great photography.

I used ambient light, but studied up beforehand on how best to photograph food, and it helped greatly. In film as in food, preparation is everything.

I deliberately went with a somewhat shaky shooting style with the subjects going in and out of focus. I felt it gave the subjects greater scale, like big, heavy rockets heading to the Moon.

I considered giving this film a sixties look to match the sound, but I can always do that later if I really feel it will add anything. I like it as is though.

Editing was done entirely with iMovie on the iPad this time, which is a first. The latest version of iMovie for iPad is no toy anymore. You could actually do an entire project on your iPad with it, though opening and closing credits, or putting any kind of text on the screen with it is still not anywhere near where it should be. I reeeeeeeally wish I could export presentations I created in Keynote as videos I could drop into iMovie. This would be a great function for Keynote as well because then you could send out entire business presentations, complete with narration, instead of performing them live during global web conferences--which is exhausting by the way.

Here again I've used the Extras4iMovie app on iPad to create the end credits, but this is the very last time because it's a very buggy app and as you can see the end result doesn't flow smoothly.

Created for the Weekend Challenge:

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