Ron Nussbaum of Crispelli's in Berkley, Michigan talks about how WhenToManage made managing labor more efficient and inventory management is now saving him $6,000 per month.

Crispelli’s has been around for about two years. We’re a hybrid fast casual/gourmet food all served to you at affordable prices in about five minutes. We opened because all of us really like food and we also all like the restaurant business, we’ve all been in it our whole lives. It’s all we’ve ever done.

The first thing that was a bit weird was that nobody knew the concept so every customer that came in had to be explained the concept: where to pay, where to go, how to order, where to pick up. That was the first challenge we had. Then the challenge became controlling it all. After the customer understood, we had to control it all. And that’s where WhenToManage came in.

We were having issues with scheduling to begin with. We were having shortages and not scheduling everybody we needed to. We were using a spreadsheet and it wasn’t telling us everything we needed it to. We started doing research on the Internet and found a labor scheduler and checked reviews. WhenToManage was highly recommended so that’s who we went with.

When we first got the program we were interested in the labor scheduler, once we discovered the food cost program was there we were able to integrate it and save about $6,000 per month. Being able to exactly point to where every piece of food was going. Really hone in on where our major items were going and where we had the most waste. But the first and foremost part was getting a full schedule where there was somebody working at every spot.

We have about 65 employees and all of us use it, all of us use WhenToManage on a regular basis. It’s been easy for everybody to grasp. It’s been easy for everybody to understand. The interface is pretty self-explanatory and it’s very user friendly. All of the employees love it. I just hired two people this week that said they never have worked with this software and they can’t believe how easy it is to ask for a day off or check their schedule or check where we’re at. And every one of them gets the text and the email scheduler.

One of the best things about WhenToManage is it’s Web-based you can access it from anywhere. When I’m not at work I check it constantly to see what we’re doing and how it’s going, how busy they might be…how labor is going mostly.

The customer service has been beyond great. If you have a problem, they will help you immediately. It’s phenomenal, it really is. It’s been a life saver. It made it easier for all of our managers to do everything and spend more time taking care of customers which is what we’re here for.

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