Song by Jonathan Coulton
Video by Christopher the Curmudgeony Librarian

Drive is a technopop rumination on the love of driving
from Thing a Week One.

This video attempts to sketch out what Jonathan considers
to be one of his least favorite songs, in the form of a gritty
crime chase thriller in the style of the Italian Job or Vanishing Point.

Jonathan Coulton is a proud veteran of the Battle of Pelennor Fields--T.A. 3019--Never Forget!

Find Jonathan Coulton’s awesome music at
Christopher the Curmudgeony Librarian was born in the
wagon of a traveling show & used to dance for
the money they'd throw

Visit his work over at

Special thanks to Lionhead Studios' game "The Movies" for the software on which this video was made.
Thanks to the modders that helped make this possible
Alphadrop--Riot Police Addon Pack
Alshten--Old Factory prop
Biggstrek--All Cars In All Car Scenes
Concordy32--Swimsuit --Thanks and general support
DirectorAdam90--Gothic Grunge Dress costume
FraasMovies--Parking garage, Water prop
Housemods--Scene pack
MelGhoul--Ski Mask, Chest hair
Monkeybiz Studio--Police Light bar overlay
Randy--Men's Swimsuits
Rysto--Rooftop Prop
StokeBob--Driving Mirrors
Tarison--Blue Screen sets
The Movies Workshop--Set Dressing unlocker
Walvince--Road Block

Ending music is Fun Winter by Ze Frank performed by Jonathan Coulton

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