This is a breakdown / Making of that shows my personal contribution during the group project.

Group project film:

This is from the final result from our 6 week Group Project at my Masters course in Digital Effects at the Bournemouth University and the NCCA (National Centre for Computer Animation).

My work was primarily on the last 4 shots (from when the window light turns on), where I did the light setup, rendering, compositing, clean up, etc. Generally putting the animated gorilla in a scene and making it look good!

There is always room for improvement, but I am happy with the results considering we only had 6-7 weeks from idea to finished film :-)

My fantastic group members:
- Dave Nuttall (group leader, matte painter, rigging and animation)
- Tim Steer (modelling, texturing and animation)
- Alex Twigg (camera projection, shader development, smoke effects, dummy geometry, compositor)
- Adam Redhead (digital asset creation of set extension (modelling, texturing), compositor)

And a special thanks to our tutors Melania Fodritto and Adam Redford in guidance along with the project :-)

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