Exploring Thailand with New Eyes - The Malla Sisters Way

50 minutes, watch in HD full screen: vimeo.com/90733219

A Canadian couple, after trekking in Nepal, were so impressed with their guides, Hira and Bishnu Malla, (aka The Malla Sisters) that they invited them back to their home in Western Canada.

They had never left their country before; it would have been a once in a lifetime trip. Unfortunately the Canadian Government wouldn’t give them a Visa because they didn’t have a “travel history”. Boo! Great disappointment!

Undeterred by this setback the intrepid Canadians invited them to go to Thailand, as their guests, for two weeks. YES! Now they have a “travel history”. Next time they apply to come to Canada, maybe this Thai Visa will help them. It proves they will leave Nepal and return.

Once in Thailand, they were never afraid to try new things … many new life experiences they could never have imagined:

Fast Planes, Airplane Food, Mt. Everest Out The Window,
Big Airport, Moving Sidewalks, Fast Roads, Yummy Thai Food,
Buying A Bathing Suit, Learning To Swim with A Mask And Snorkle, Playing With Fish, Eating Fish, Travel On A Ferry, Sleeping Buddha, Thai Massage, Performing Seals In a Pool,
Feeding A Hippo, Meeting New Monks, The Floating Market,
Paddling a Kayak, Learning Thai, Riding an Elephant, Swimming in a Waterfall

The Malla Sisters trusted us to be their guides and we didn’t disappoint them. The video shows how adaptable they are and how much fun they are to be with! They experienced it all! They even learned to swim and eat seafood! The video relives these incredible experience.

At the end the viewer will want to go trekking with them in Nepal. For more information go to: mallasisters.com

The Malla Sisters are the best!

Enjoy in HD full screen.

Bruce & Therese Roberts, Vernon B.C.

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