Keynote Title: Robust Face Recognition for Uncontrolled Settings

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Harry Wechsler

Keynote Chair: Dr. Maria De Marsico

Presented on: 06-03-2014, Angers, France

Abstract: The talk addresses the interplay between biometric challenges and the solutions proposed to develop and deploy robust face recognition applications that can operate under uncontrolled settings, adversarial encounters, and data (video) streaming conditions. Challenges include uncontrolled A-PIE (Age, Pose, Illumination, and Expression) settings, incomplete / masquerading information characteristic of denial and deception, outlier / imposter detection, varying data distributions, data fusion, and interoperability. The talk leverages image analysis / computer vision, machine and statistical {multi-task, ensemble, active} learning for face (object) recognition, re-identification, and surveillance / tracking applications. The solutions discussed are driven by regularization, compressive sensing and sparsity, similarity and rankings, and collective {multi-label, component-based, random sampling} classification methods. The talk concludes with an all encompassing view on biometrics that covers appearance, behavior, and cognitive state for the intertwined purpose of authentication, data mining, and situation awareness.

Presented at the following Conference ICPRAM, International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods

Conference Website:

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