Monet - Goodbye
Written By: Lametria "Monet" Marable
Label: Tate Music Group
Management: Leslie Graves
Contact: Jo Reese
Twitter: TheRealMonetTn
Website: WWW.TheRealMonetTn
Monet is an upcoming singer/ songwriter that was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Clarksville, Tn. As a child she faced miraculous challenges in life starting with the fact of being born Premature, being feed through a tube, having her lungs collapse, and the fact that all the chords and muscles in her throat weren't finished developing yet. Her mother was told that she wouldn't be able to talk, that she would be mentally disabled, and that she wouldn't live beyond the age of twelve. Despite this downfall, God prevailed. By the tender age of three she was caught singing and humming tunes of those of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner. She used to do Tina Turner impressions all the time in front of her parents and family members. As a child she would sing in church and attend other churches to sing. As a Teenager she was involved in an all -girl group and they performed all over town. They were involved in several events such as getting involved in "Make A Difference Day", "The African Festival", and also was starred and interviewed on a local radio station in Clarksville, TN which involved Women of power. The radio station segment was called "Women On Weekdays". By 2006 the group departed ways and Monet searched out on a solo venture. She then teamed up with Local Music producer/ Songwriter Marcus Bean and over the next couple of years they recorded and focused on polishing "The Monet" image. With that being said the Rest is history!

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