Here's a quick test I put together from a string of new footage I'm shooting for the first of my GH4 run-through videos. This is a 4096 pixels × 2160 Full 4k (cinema 4K) 4:2:0 8 bit internal (non YAGH) recording with the sound replaced. Profile: 'CineLikeD' 24p full 4K 8 bit 4:2:0 100Mbps (Fw 0.5) f4, 50 ss, 200ISO, Pany 35-100 lens.

This is straight out of the camera ungraded on CineLikeD setting using -2 Contrast,-2 Sharpeness,-2 Noise Reduction,-2 Saturation, 0 Hue.

Really liking the CineLikeD profile - nice and flat. Ungraded, untouched - just Vimeo Compression!

Music excerpt taken from Kevin Matthews - a pianist/musician/film score writer from good Ol' Brighton!

Vimeo's transcoding/downsampling to SD/HD versions for display here will NOT look as good as the original. Use Download to see the full 4K.

There is ZERO artefacting / moire in the original.

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