Something fun from our friends at Blinkink and directors Joseph Mann and Andrew Thomas Huang. Be sure to check out the making of!

Production Company: BLINKINK

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It’s a brand new day and Barry knows just what to do with it. He’s a biscuit; he loves milk (as any good biscuit should) and down through the dark delicious forest is a lake of cool creamy Cravendale. What young biscuit boy could possibly resist? Obviously, just about anyone could lose their heads over dipping a biscuit in Cravendale, but for Barry, there’s just a little bit more peril involved.

Created over 3 weeks of filming using 16 live-action puppets and 3 stop-motion models in specially built sets, the creation of Barry and his world was an incredible combination of expert handcraft and technical know-how. Take a look at the making of film to see the behind-the-scenes view of how the magic was made.

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