In 1995, an abandoned newborn was found in a warehouse in Montreal, Quebec. After two years at an orphanage, the child was diagnosed with bizarre mental defects. Her care was transferred to Elahelm Mental Hospital for children. Her name is Emily Doe. Emily went missing from the institution in June 2009.

Hi Everyone,
I haven't seen any videos in here yet, so I thought I'd kick off the party with one of my own! Looking forward to all the other productions which I'm sure will be spectacular!

For this production I used a Canon 5D + 7D, used a nice 60mm micro, an old 50mm 1.8, and a old zoom. I also made use of The Foundry's rolling shutter plugin to remove jello from the handheld work. I like the look of shaky/global shutter a lot.

I used music from - thanks for tip, Blake.

Matthew Bennett

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